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John W Tinder
Business Consultant
Social Media Management
Marketing Strategist
Website Design
Colonial Insurance Agent 

You deserve a marketing strategist who takes the time to understand your individual needs and builds a lasting new client system. Not a cookie cutter approach at a price point out of your budget.

Let's start a conversation about how I can help you grow your firm or small business with easy to acquire and easy to understand management tools and software;

Learn how you can be more effective in reaching new clients using social media and other affordable, up to date Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies.

Top 5 Biggest Problems facing
small businesses and solo practitioners / small firms

1.  Cashflow / not enough profit
     a. better management ; use your existing desktop  or  
         and mobile software already installed.
     b. less expenses; less taxes; don't pay more than  
         you owe; save as much as you can using all your
        qualified deductions and voluntary  benefits
     c. are you charging enough? learn how to determine
         your price points . Dupont Method.

2. Clients - how to get them, how to keep them, and
    how not to pay too much for learning how to do this
    a. use Facebook an Yelp to create successful social
       media marketing ad strategies and client loyalty
    b. generate leads through Facebook and directory

3. Employees
create an onboarding system
     b. find the right ones; keep them longer using
     c.  free on-line training resources and  voluntary      

4. Health
having a wellness program
     b. drug / alcohol issues
     c. stress mgt; mental health; suicide

5. Exit strategy - you doing this for the rest of your life?
    Establish work life balance and plan for your
    retirement. It's easier than you think.  Top
Consultant / Advisor / Attorney:  Over two decades, I have managed and trained over 60 employees while running my own successful law practices. I have further honed my B2B skills by training with the best people in the digital marketing field, with a combined 70 years of experience, using multiple marketing platforms. I have learned how to successfully generate strong branding and marketing campaigns specifically designed for small businesses and small firms or solo attorneys.
Innovation: I look for new answers to problems to keep current with the latest trends.
Efficiency: I learn new software and hardware applications, and tailor them to small firms or businesses, so you do not have to do it.
Streamline: Fine tune your skillsets. I will teach you to work smarter, not longer. 
Trustworthy: I build strong relationships with clients and vendors.
Modus vivendi: A lawyer is an occupation, not a lifestyle. I help small businesses get back the work / life balance they have been missing since lawschool.

Who We Are

When You Work With Us, You Can Expect The Following:
I am taking my two decades of legal experience as a successful solo practitioner or lead partner in my own law firms and translating this into helpful advice and assistance to current attorneys and other professionals on their digital marketing strategy and administration management. I have surrounded myself with other professionals and experts in their fields to provide crucial and cost effective methods for streamlining administration, setting modern and realistic KPI(s) to monitor and build successful and profitable companies. This, in turn, allows professionals to maximize their resources and strike the work / life balance missing in professions and small businesses
Texas State Bar and the Advertising Review Committee have very specific rules and regulations regarding websites, social meida, and e-mail advertising. I will ensure that your digital marketing efforts comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct.
No contracts. No long term commitment. You have direct input and involvement in your own marketing and branding.
I will work with you on your account, in a manner to fit your schedule, to make it better, only for as long as you need me.
 Our efforts will result in a great increase in your customer traffic, and more of the the kind of business you want. These are evergreen, sustainable efforts. Eventually our efforts should result in a platform that does not require constant advertising spend.
Advertising Review Requirements
Social Media Management for Local Ranking
Marketing Services SEO SEM Social Media Reviews

        Our Partners

I am partnering with several different vendors to provide clients with the widest range of services at a variety of price levels. One Degree Digital is our main vendor for Geo-Fencing, Directory Syndication, SEO, Website Development, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Management, Facebook Advertising, Reputation
Management, Chat, Site Retargeting, Social Retargeting, Search,
Retargeting, Display Advertising, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Design Work, Website Audits, PPC Audits.
I am also partnering with UrWa Consulting for the same or similiar services depending on the price point and the region serviced.
Other vendors are offering discounts when software, hardware, or other resources are purchased and utilized through our services.
Get In Touch!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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