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About Us

Who We Are

  1. John W Tinder
    John W Tinder
    Owner, Occupier, nephesh, soul, living being, Wayfarer, rambler, gadabout, vagabond at Self-Employed and works as a Consultant With One Degree Digital Media and URWA Consulting, among others.
  2. The Family
    The Family
    Brandi: the wife and knower of all things [just ask her - if you dare] Along with Emily and Dylan. They keep me grounded and are the reason for everything.
  3. Mitch Silva and Family
    Mitch Silva and Family
    Founding partner at One Degree Digital.
  4. Leah Rupp
    Leah Rupp
    Founding partner at One Degree Digital.
  5. Jeff Stewart
    Jeff Stewart
    Founding partner at UrWa Consulting