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My clients love me; you will too!
  1. Mike N
    Ive been working with john for almost 3 years and john has helped me through an extremely difficult divorce. Thank you John Tinder couldnt done it without you!
  2. Alexander Pedross
    John is excellent. He is very straight forward and does not beat around the bush. He handled my appeal quickly, and professionally. I would recommend him to anyone.
  3. Amanda Porter
    John W. Tinder II was my divorce/custody attorney. He is very professional, courteous, and always prompt to respond to any questions or concerns that I had. The process was rough but he made it easier. I would highly recommend him for your legal needs.
  4. Bruce Danford
    John is an excellent attorney and really has helped my business alot. I was spending a lot of money with Martindale and YP and I was not receiving very many calls. John took over and in 6 months, I now receive 5 calls a week on just his efforts alone. He showed me the numbers every month and I didn't understand them, but he guided me to where I wanted to be. I could not have gotten there without him.
  5. Jack Le Prowse
    I traded barbs with John on several cases over the years and he always treated the case and me with respect and professionalism. When he told me he was retiring from litigation and going into helping attorneys with their marketing, I knew I needed to help him out. He immediately got me out of my contract with the major directories which were doing nothing for me and got me set up with a good consistent referral base using my online profiles. My office manager handles everything now but we wouldn't have known where to start if it was not for John.
  6. Randy Riggan
    John really knows his stuff. John was a business partner at first, as I used to do bonds for his clients. When he told me he was retiring and moving into digital marketing, I knew I needed his help. John got me out of overburdensome 15 thousand dollars per month in marketing using directories. I now have so much business that I am farming out my smaller bond. Thanks John.
  7. Violet Demars
    John W Tinder!!! John , had been my attorney for many years.Very well known in Colorado.He took my case when I was at the lowest point. He was always willing to work with me on my bill.His retainer was a bit high,but it was worth all the time I spent and $$$$. I would recommend John Tinder to any single parent that is in desperate need..... He is very friendly and works with those less fortunate.
  8. Jennifer Fields
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