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Our Services

Service One- Social Media, SEO, SEM

Most business owners don't trust Search Engine Optimization and think it will not work for them; or think their business comes from their reputation and referrals, and it does. But people in your area are searching online every day for your service or product; or they may have been referred to your business and are specifically searching for information about your office including online reviews. It is important that your website and online marketing strategy contains search engine optimization. But search engine optimization isn’t enough. SEO whether it be on page or off page search engine optimization is an important part of a comprehensive strategy but in order for your online marketing to be effective it must be integrated with other approaches as well.
If the right tools are used in relationship to that reputation and referral netowrk. Over 80 percent of attorneys use social media; almost 90 percent of people looking for attorneys go on-line to find their lawyer. How many attorneys are actually MINING theirclient base?
We can analyze and optimize your practice and your relationships to create a system to help you build your personal referral network so you’ll never have to worry about where your next client is coming from again.

from simple website setup to adv topics of SEO / Social Media networking/ Successful Social Media Management Tools / Online Marketing Strategies / Social Media Ad campaigns / Using Facebook and Yelp to help you business grow / Directory Listing / Review Management / Blog Support / Engaging Content /
PPC, bid mgt / generating leads through social media

Service Two

Office Management / Small Business marketing management / Customer Relationship Management (CRM / Retail Point of Sale Systems / KPI evaluation / Law Office Business Plans / Document Mgt /  Software and Hardware support decision making / Employee training and Staffing / Marketing Management Tools

Service Three

Voluntary Benefit Programs /Employee Onboarding
Research and development / content creation / compliance review / cost effective links to vendors /
advise and mentorship 

Service Four

Personal and professional advise. I have been there and done that. I've made mistakes and learned form them.

Our Story and how we help

Each member of the team has decades of experience in their field. After practicing law for two decades and mentoring dozens of employees and associates, I know too well how a professional small practice can rob you of your time on any given day. This is time for yourself, time for your family, time that you can never recover. We also know what day-to-day challenges you face and understand how those demands can affect your life, your relationships and your health.

There is no time like the present to take control. If you are like my friend Bruce and "you just take care of it, John" or you are just looking for direction on how to finally make the transformation on your own, scroll down and spend some time on the do it yourself links or give me a call or drop me an e-mail. I'm hoping you will call so I can help you find the missing peace of mind in your life.

Links to Do-It-Yourself




links for doing it yourself:




links for doing it yourself:

Manta has some great resources on business mgt:

Facebook ads tutorial - https://www.facebook.com/blueprint

Google has some great insight on coding:


Google Adwords Center - https://support.google.com/adwords/?hl=en#topic=3119071

TYLA Hot to Brochures: http://texaslawpracticemanagement.com/free-resources/brochures/

Goodwill Business Solutions: https://www.goodwillcentraltexas.org/business-solutions

Clio resources: https://www.goclio.com/resources/?type=8

Microsoft software training center: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Office-Training-Center-b8f02f81-ec85-4493-a39b-4c48e6bc4bfb

ABA Free CLE: http://www.americanbar.org/cle/free_cle.html

The Expert Institute CLE - https://www.theexpertinstitute.com/resources/