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How To Digital Marketing

Links to training for common skill sets needed for you to 'do it yourself'
  1. Excel Spreadsheets
    Microsoft [and third parties (like LinkedIn)] offer free training to learn how to use your Excel spreadsheets more successfully. Learn these valuable skill sets (which is easy to do) you can create administration management systems for your business. This is vital for organization and efficiency. Excel spreadsheets can also be dropped into Google Drive, Dropbox and therefore universally accessed and easily synced.
  2. Google for Education
    Numerous webinars, workshops, and events are collected to help you get started. Learn from other professionals. These webinars are tiered and geared for beginners to progress to more advanced stages. They are easy to follow and timed well to fit into breaks time.
  3. Google Adwords
  4. Facebook Business Ads
    Social Media Management Tools are important to learn. You need to have an effective social media strategy in place. Consider hiring a low cost social media manager or training an employee to conduct your social media management.
  5. Yelp for Business Owners
  6. Microsoft Office Training
  7. How to Set up your Own Website
    If you have no skills but need a quick landing page or 5 page website set up, use GoDaddy's Websitebuilder.com. The Editorial templates are extremely easy to use. For more complicated websites, you will need to upgrade or even transfer your website to another website editor with code options, like Wix. But for a quick fix - go here: