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Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges

COST MANAGEMENT: Use General Business credits and small business incentives created by the IRS to your advantage. Help mnage the incresing costs of administrative expenses through voluntary benefits designed to create tax savings for employer and employee.
  •  Managing increasing health insurance costs
  • Voluntary and consumer driven benefits through pre-tax and discounted tax savings for you and your employees.
  • Attracting quality employees and retention
  • Adapting to changes caused by the healthcare reform
  • Simplify the enrollment process as well as day to day management of voluntary benefits
  • Easy ways and assistance in starting a Wellness program
  • Enhanced participation in your wellness program

  • ​Reduce your payroll taxes using pre-taxed dollars
  • increase your employee's spendable income
  • Receive discounts on Flex-programs including including health savings accounts
  • Help ensure compliance with government regulations
  • ​Received assistance on payroll management
  • Medical Bridge to reduce risk of high deductible medical plans
  • Life insurance for afterlife expenses (Term) or to build cash value (Whole Life and UNiversal Life) for necessary life expenses like home repairs; college tuition, etc.
  • Affordable Accident and Disability plans for payment of unexpected expenses and to replace lost income.
  • Extraordinary policies for catastrohpic diseases like Cancer.